The infamous Absinthe now appearing at a liquor store near you:
The green fairy came for a visit and I have to say I enjoyed her company. If you haven’t tried the real deal, go out and get yourself a bottle. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how smooth the anise flavored libation goes down.

Forget mulled wine, pass the Coke!
Austria is known for their premium après-ski establishments. Now Salzburg police report it’s the norm to not only get drinks but also cocaine right at the bars of the ski establishments. According to Salzburg police, “This Christmas has been whiter than usual with the wrong kind of snow“. The kicker? Even ski instructors and bartenders are turning into part-time drug-dealers at the peak of the season. Boy, things have certainly changed since my last visit! []

Trade in your frequent flyer miles for wine bargains:
No need to trade in your unused frequent flyer miles for cheesy gifts or magazines – Alaska Airlines is offering wine discounts and free shipping by redeeming 2,750 miles. Now can anyone tell me if they’ve tried any of these wines from their sampler pack?