We all complain and obsess about today’s wine styles – whether it’s excessive tannins, over-oaked chardonnays, excessive alcohol, too many vegetal aromas, brett, sulfites, and on and on and on… Well here is your opportunity to participate in a very special tasting to experience what some of our postmodern winemakers are up to these days and what they are doing to address some of these concerns.

If you are questioning what postmodern winemaking is, essentially, it’s a philosophy built on getting back to terroir driven wines and giving science a back seat when it comes to making great wines.

Last month, we kicked off a segment called, “Wine Selection of the Month”, where our forum members suggest a theme, a wine, a varietal and/or region to explore, and then everyone shares their tasting notes and experiences.

This month, we’ve selected to sample distinctive terroir driven expressive wines offered by a postmodern winemaker, Clark Smith. Our intent is twofold – to give you an opportunity to taste some great examples of terroir driven wines that follow postmodern winemaking techniques and to give you an opportunity to engage directly with Clark Smith about the wines.

We happen to believe it’s crucial to bridge the gap between consumers and wine industry professionals (which happens to be our motto), to build consumer trust and to leverage consumer input. Hence, the key to bringing winemakers and consumers together is a way to open the line of communication about production techniques, no matter how controversial they may be. Consumers can only apply informed choices if winemakers are willing to share information about their methods, their inspirations and their thinking, and winemakers can benefit by listening and interacting with their consumers.

Please join us in this special tasting. To encourage participation, we’ve set up a rocking good deal – 30% OFF ALL PURCHASES UNTIL MAY 3rd. Register here and get the discount code and more information about the event here.