If you’re looking for some good wine values under $15 a bottle, you’ve come to the right place. Every Thursday, we’ll let you know about some of our top picks under $15 which are sure to please your palate without breaking the bank. These are great wines worth seeking out, so go pick up a bottle or two and enjoy!

2007 Vina Palo Alto Red Blend, Chile ($10-$15)
Complexity and depth should be expected when the blend is “CCS” as I affectionately deemed this wonderful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, and Syrah. I was shocked at the fullness this wine offers like a mature pedigreed Cabernet or Bordeaux touting only a hasty few months in the bottle. This was a shockingly good find and worth seeking out.  …more>>

2006 Echeverria Chardonnay, Chile ($10-$15)
Advanced in its approach, this wine brings the fruit and leaves the extraction of oak and the added expense of malolactic behind. They still produce complex and exciting product without all the bells and whistles the jaded palates of American Chardonnay fans require. The wine has flavors of vanilla and cream on an apple pear frame – full bodied but not …more>>

2006 Kenwood Pinot Noir, Sonoma, CA ($10-$15)
Kenwood has a solid track record for producing medium priced better than average quality wines in almost every varietal available. This Russian River Valley Sonoma Pinot Noir is exactly that. The nose was a bit subdued and the wine itself was pretty tight for the first half-hour after it was opened which hints at the possibility this one could age a bit. Plumy, dark berry fruit full-bodied flavors and once the wine  …more>>

2006 Estancia “Pinnacles Ranches” Chardonnay, CA
This wine is crisp and refreshing and a style of Chardonnay that almost everyone will appreciate. Although the spec sheet states that the wine has been aged in French and American Oak and 60% of the blend underwent malolactic fermentation, neither the aromas nor the flavors reflect those techniques. I found the wine interesting and certainly capable of filling many culinary pairings. It was crisp and a bit  …more>>