Saveur Magazine Lists Enobytes as Best of the Web

As seasoned home cooks await for magazines like Gourmet and Bon Appetite to hit the newstands, professionals and die-hard enthusiasts’ wait (like addicts) for the next Saveur to hit their desk (and for obvious reasons). Since 1994, the magazine continuously pushes the envelope to pack every issue with the passion and expression of cutting-edge innovations, culinary styles and techniques, which measure to a quality others languish to obtain — and when a publication like Saveur Magazine names you as a “Best of the Web”, well, that’s some news worth celebrating.

red-large-badgeIn ’07 and ’08, Saveur won the James Beard Foundation for feature writing, which goes to show that they’ve managed to stay on top of their game by providing good quality content for fifteen years. As longtime supporters and readers, this magazine continues to enlighten and shape our lives as it does for culinarians and enophiles across the globe.

It was back in 1986 where Marc and I visited Mark Miller’s Coyote Café, where the journey began. The style of hospitality at Coyote Café was gracious without pretension and the food was innovative yet serious. As an inspirational chef, Marc knew at that moment that culinary nirvana was attainable but elusive. In 1987, Marc obtained a line position at the eponymous 271 Dartmouth Street (Boston Globe’s “Best New Restaurant 1987”), which later became the flagship store for the Back Bay Restaurant Group chain Papa Razzi. Moving forward, he did a short stint with Chris Schlesinger as Sous Chef at the East Coast Grill, then on to San Francisco where he walked into the chef’s office of a Kimpton Group property where he found his first copy of Saveur.

savor_oct_09 Lists Enobytes as “Best of the Web, Sites We Love”

After briefly leafing through the articles, he quickly placed the magazine inside his jacket and stashed it in his locker. After committing to memory some of the best food writing he had ever seen, he begrudgingly brought the magazine back to the restaurant and waited for the next issue to hit the stands. He later became executive chef of that location, a property that continues to flourish today.

Fast-forwarding to October 2009, we received notification that Saveur selected Enobytes as one of their “best of the web” publications, as stated on their website:

“Throughout this site we proudly share “the best of the web”—handpicked links to our favorite recipes and articles, wherever they might live. The sources for these links range as widely as Saveur travels: from well-known food sites to niche publications and the personal blogs of passionate cooks and eaters around the world. Every site we link to becomes a Site We Love.”

It is with great pleasure to accept Saveur’s acknowledgement as one of their many handpicked favorites. This acknowledgement, from such a respected journal is an honor. We recommend anyone with a passion for food and wine to check out their publication and newly redesigned website to experience what Saveur has to offer as they continue to shape the lives of novice and seasoned culinarians alike.


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    […] been longtime readers and supporters of the magazine, so it was quite an honor to receive notification from such a respected journal […]

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  3. […] been longtime readers and supporters of the magazine, so it was quite an honor to receive notification from such a respected journal […]

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