It’s not about the Berries and Nuts or Coding, My Friends, it’s about Pscott

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Since 2006, Marc and I have been cranking out wine reviews — easy enough to do considering most of our writings are short, sweet and to the point.  Most of you who’ve been reading this blog know I love to poke fun at the Tasty Notes Generator but in reality,we sort of do our own abstract algorithm. And guess what? That’s my fault!

while (juice < 100-point rating scale)
    printf ("(Intro) (Modifier) (Adjective) (Varietal).
    (Adverb) (Adjective) (Flavor) (Adjective) (Flavor).
    Drink (When) through (When)
    (Number) Case production
    ~ (Author)x = %d\n", x);

I’m an anal technical geek who loves structure and order. So here I regress.  I give Marc free reign to flog me for my persistence of following traditional ‘market style’ formatting. Why the change of heart? Pscott is to blame.

Thanks to a recent tweet from a twitter friend, I stumbled across Leave it to Pscott, a site about a Boston bartender and an interesting character named Pscott (the ‘p’ is silent) who is known to entertain the masses with his sartorial associations to describe libations.

As the story goes, Pscott’s frustrations of the traditional ‘market style’ wine descriptions of berries and nuts don’t cut it.

In his own words, it’s like describing a Renoir by listing off what colors he used. Brilliant, Pscott, brilliant!

Then one day he read (he cannot remember where) a description of oysters. The writer—who he would very much like to thank—noted that a good oyster should taste exactly like kissing the ocean on the lips. For Pscott, it was the Rosetta Stone. And the drinknotes which followed are his continuing translation of the cellar and bar.

How can you not admire Pscott’s way of thinking if you appreciate good art and freshly shucked oysters?

From now on, I’m eliminating the short and sweet (Modifier) (Adjective) (Varietal) conundrum and kicking it up a notch.  In the end, the stories and experiences are much more interesting than boring tasting notes — well at least that’s the way I see it.  I’ll be struggling to keep up with Marc and Pscott, but I hope you enjoy the new writing style. It’s now time for my flogging. Catch you latter.

…and here’s a toast to A.B. Pscott

~ Pamela Heiligenthal


About the Author:

Editor and co-founder of, Pamela is a sommelier and former restaurant manager and wine buyer with Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET), Court of Master Sommeliers & Center for Wine Origins certification. She has contributed to or been quoted by various publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Sommelier Journal, Vegetarian Times, VIV Magazine, UC-Berkeley Astrobiology News, The Washington Post, the Associated Press, NPR and USA Today. True to her roots, she seeks varietal and appellation integrity and is always passionate about finding the next great bottle of wine.

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