We interrupt this program to bring you a few highlights from the Walla Walla Wine Blogger Conference ’10.

Speed tasting – I was ousted by some dude named Steve Paulo. #twitterfail #twitterfail #twitterfail #twitterfail I demand a rematch!

Controversy over the ’09 Mollydooker Velvet Glove Shiraz – Time to throw a red flag here. At $180 a bottle, I expected more. Did price influence bloggers?

Private barrel tasting at Basel Cellars: Winemaker Justin Basel of Basel Cellars rocked it with a private barrel tasting of the ’08 Malbec which happens to be some pretty tasty juice.

…and listening to Chad Johnson from Dusted Valley – talking about evacuating Basel Cellars Cellar… Hilarious!

Blog Awards – Kudos to all the winners! Video Credit: Winetalker

“A blogger is the purest expression of a voice”Keynote with Lettie Teague

#WBC10 pics:

Other highlights – Making a few solid connections which could lead to big changes for the wine blogging community – more to come as the proposals unravel…

…but the biggest highlight of my trip was to meet so many great people and mingle with the folks that I’ve met through so many social media channels! And a big kudos goes out to Walla Walla and all of the folks who made this event possible.

Cheers ~Pamela