A big winner right out of the gate. Like a race horse this wine takes off and shows concentration and balance while still remaining exciting. From what I saw at the winery there was enough of this wine in their cellar for it to be around for a while. Things going the way they are in Spain right now it will probably be released soon to excited buyers looking to scoop up on vintage wine being sold at less than the usual price.

Spending 24 months in barrel aging and another 12 months in bottle, this selection from the La Mancha district was quite a revelation from this Ribera Del Duero producer known for concentrated, well-crafted reds that do not disappoint and this one was a fine example of all the aforementioned traits.

This winery is a no miss destination if you are in this region. Please call ahead for tasting or tours. The wine had aromas of significant intensity dark and red berryliciousness which play off the spice and oak. Flavors are deep cherry mocha and the finish goes on forever.

This wine is not from Ribera Del Duero but from an area not as well known by anyone outside of Spain and that is the large growing area of La Mancha. With half a million acres is the largest continuous vine-growing area in the world.

If you do happen to go to the winery and their brand of hospitality leaves you wondering “was it something I said?” Do not feel bad.  It has been known to happen to others.  But I digress and time to move forward. If you’re in this region and you want to experience the utmost in hospitality, go into the city of Peñafiel and find Marcus at his family’s restaurant Restaurante M. Eugenia.  Take my advice and have the baby lamb, salad and the house wine. You will feel at home, relaxed and forget all about anything else going on anywhere except at your table. ~Marc Hinton

Rating: 94 | $35 | 14.5% ABV