It’s a balanced bruiser, the heavyweight of cage-fighters. You can say what you will about so-called corporate wines but when Mondavi say’s it’s the best they have to offer they mean it. Every detail in this wines flavor profile exudes luxury. No expense was spared to produce the wonderful nectar of fermented grape juice I tasted in my glass. I would have bit off anyone’s hand had someone mistakenly reached for my glass as I coveted and languished over it until the bottle was empty. What wine am I talking about?

It’s the ‘06 Cabernet Sauvignon Robert Mondavi Winery Napa Valley Reserve, 15.5% ABV at $135. I give this wine a 93 rating.

I often am called upon to recommend wines especially to folks who are stepping into the realm where they have not often tasted nor purchased wines of this stature, and yes, I am talking about the price. Some publications tout the fact that when they score, price is never a consideration and for the assessment of a score, neither is ours.

However if someone asks me what should I get if I am trying to impress someone and I want a Cabernet Sauvignon because I am having a fantastic steak  and I have a c-note in my budget, this wine I would suggest in a heartbeat.

It is relatively easy to find and it will age for longer than anyone will remember this article and literally probably me, and that’s OK.  So it makes a great gift for anyone who wants to give a collectable. Keep your eye out for my video rap version of this review in an effort to give equal time to Napa after referring to them as the N word (of course I meant Napa) in a recent rap review of a Sonoma cabernet that scored highly with us.

It’s a horrible video and the poorest excuse for rap you will ever hear. It makes me ashamed to say I’m from Memphis. I hope I nail this Mondavi take or I’m swearing off rap reviews and that’s probably a good thing. But back to reviewing this wine, it is big. Oh yeah I already said that. This wine has expressive fruit aromas of currant and ripe berries with a big fresh cigar smell. The texture is refined and flavors are significantly similar to the aromas as the wine finishes, the aforementioned qualities start to spiral like a hurricane in a good way, and then you are ready for your next bite to start the process of pleasure all over again. Eat well, Drink Well, Live Well!