This wine turned out to be a very solid effort even though I was prone not to purchase it from the label art. A bad habit because I know good wine actually does come from bottles with nice art on the front every now and then.

I have since found out the label was produced by the artist Tertia du Toit, who happens to be one of the founders of the winery. It won us over immediately when opened. The aromas of earthy fall leaf piles mingled with the smells of ripe blackberries almost jumped out of the bottle.

As it was poured, the aromas were confirmed to be as pronounced in the glass as they were in the bottle. The flavor profile strayed from the usual jammy fruit we are used to seeing from down under and leaned more towards a structured terroir driven wine. Nice balance with blueberry and vanilla notes leading to oak and spice soft mouthfeel and supple tannins finish out the experience. ~Marc Hinton

Rating: 89 | $12 | 14.5% ABV