When I saw the 2008 Cline Cashmere Mourvedre, the name reminded me of a wine that was recently poured at the Wine Bloggers Conference held in Walla Walla, WA in June. The wine that sprung to mind was an Australian blend similar to the makeup of this fine example of MGS and the wine I am referring to was the most expensive wine being poured for the bloggers and the manufacturer made a point that everyone knew it. The name Cashmere  emulated the wine the previously mentioned failure was trying to become and I was dismayed to see how many novices were hoodwinked with a sticker price without seeing it race down the drag strip.

The wonderful aromas from the ’08 Cline Cashmere Mourvedre included jammy dark fruit, vanilla and freshly baked pie crust. On the palate the name says it all; it was Cashmere smooth soft and full of fruity, spicy goodness. There is not a cuisine too big for this wine, so get out there and buy it and cook something up that is rustic and smoky or fancy with finesse – it’s all good. If those two wines were to drag race, Cline Cashmere would be a 1969 Dodge Dart Swinger and the big expensive Australian wine would be a Porsche 911.

1969 Dodge Dart Swinger sticker price $2836.00

1969 911 Porsche sticker price $8200.00

I think you get the picture.

Rating: 91 | $12 | 15.0% ABV