Yes the dreaded 89. Why so many wineries despise the 89 is beyond me. It means it was almost an A (excellent) instead of just a very good. Vintages for different varieties (especially Cabernet Franc) can be quite varied in Napa – more than Sonoma (weather is a bit more consistent) but consistency in grapes leads to predictability.

In this vintage, the Napa 2007 Titus Cabernet Franc did not develop the complexity this vineyard has produced in the past. That being said, it is a very good wine and a welcomed beverage at my dinner table any time.  The trademark dusty earthy flavors are evident but not pronounced and the wide culinary pairings available with past vintages are reigned in a bit with this one.

Roasted duck breast with confit would be a good match. Mushroom pizza would be another great pairing and gorgonzola will work if the cheese cart is rolling by. Maybe I need to wait a while. I will check again in six months to see how this one progresses. ~Marc Hinton

Rating: 89 | $36 | 14.5% ABV

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