I was curious when I first saw this bottle a few years ago and was not surprised it represented the Reserve Cava from this producer.  A treat each and every time you open a bottle of this wonderfully refreshing and exciting Cava. I like to make fresh fried gaufrette  potatoes by smearing a little mascarpone on them then adding either vodka cured gravlax or cold smoked salmon,  and some fish roe. Let your pocket book be your guide. I prefer Caspian Sea Caviar, but that’s just me and I’m just saying.  Kennebec potatoes are preferred over Yukon or russets as they crisp up better.

33% is Parellada but Macabeo is the predominate grape and these grapes are often used for something a little more precocious from time to time.  Admittedly being a fan and not having the pleasure to imbibe on this variety I have to make it a point to accomplish this task but on that note let’s get back on point and review this wine.

A better cava or any sparkler from any region will not accomplish the wide variety of culinary applications this one can cover. Creamy, mildly yeasty and crisp it will cleanse your palate from sour to creamy and anything in between. The big difference between this wine and the basic Cava is the blend of grapes and free-run juice percentage as opposed to pressed.  Bigger flavors and a level of sophistication shoots this wine to the top and out performs many competitors who produce small lots that they are very proud of $$$. Not to say this wine is the best sparkler you may have ever tasted, you just will not have to feel as encumbered to buy it as they were proud to make it. I guess what I am trying to say is most of the time Champagne is a pain and mostly in the same place I keep my wallet.

This inspired exotic Cava should always be on hand and cold in your refrigerator ready for culinary challenges where only an excellent quality sparkler will do, and for any major or minor celebration. I guarantee you bring this one to any of the big three celebrations coming up you and the wine will be the star of the show.

~Marc Hinton

Rating: 91 | $21 | 12.0% ABV

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