2004 Villa Cerna Riserva Sangiovese

Villa Cerna Riserva Sangiovese, Tuscany, Italy

I have tasted a lot of Chianti and over the years and the style has changed a bit here and there but like all things Italian, its survival relies on striving towards a slow path to perfection. This wine is getting there faster than most with style and grace. It opens with aromas of red clay like newly formed bricks mingled with the smell of cherry and blackberry. The flavor continues with dark fruit concentration and the taste of a freshly rolled unlit Dominican cigar. Sangiovese can be a fickle grape when it comes to finishes but this one is first class all the way—smooth, balanced, supple, and seductive. This wine is a complete package that would be a great addition to any restaurant wine list and will be an appropriate gift for those who want to impress. Culinary wise this wonderful Chianti from Villa Cerna would go with almost anything except delicate seafood and citrus sauces. However, it would be most complimentary to consume this wine with the best Northern Italian or bistro cuisine.

Rating: 90 | $22 | 13.5% ABV

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  1. Marcy L. says:

    I love the description – bricks and Dominican cigars! Woot!


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