Vintage 2011 Wine Blog Awards

2011 Wine Blog Awards

Well readers, it is that time of year again. The Wine Blog Awards is upon us! This event is in its 5th year, and the nomination period is open through May 31st. Do you have a favorite wine blog you’d like to nominate? Go ahead and nominate them! You’d be spreading the love and showing your appreciation for all the good work they do whether its educating readers, reporting on the industry, offering opinions or wine recommendations. To nominate a blog, please click one of the eight award categories below and simply provide a comment.

Best Overall Wine Blog
Best Writing on a Wine Blog
Best New Wine Blog
Best Winery Blog
Best Single Subject Wine Blog
Best Wine Reviews
Best Industry/Business Wine Blog
Best Graphics, Photography, Presentation on a Wine Blog

…and if you are looking to nominate someone for the best wine reviews category, consider supporting our methodology! Here at Enobytes, we believe every wine deserves a fair chance at a fair review, meaning we do not speed taste. We drink wine as a consumer would, one bottle at a time with a meal and good company—and we don’t give our opinion or tell the story until we’ve finished the last drop of wine.

Think of it this way. Would Ebert review a movie only after watching the first 10 minutes of it? Of course not. The same goes for wine. What you taste right after opening a bottle is different from what you taste an hour or two later. Wine changes as it breaths, which is why it is not fair to judge it with one sample. You only get to see part of the story (which is usually the beginning for most reviews)—but any good story (or song for that matter) has a middle, a climax and an end. Each bottle tells a story and we like to reflect these stories in our reviews one bottle at a time.

Now if you enjoy reading our wine reviews, whether you read them from or from some of the popular iPhone and PDA wine applications like Hello Vino and Pocket Wine Assistant, we’d appreciate your nomination in the Best Wine Reviews category. And if you’ve been reading this blog for a while now, you know we write a lot of controversial stuff here and we’re not shy to ask the tough questions, so if you think we fit into another category, nominate away!  Just remember there are a lot of great blogs out there and you can nominate as many as you see fit for each category, so don’t hold back on your nominations!

Oh yes, and as long as we are talking about wine and food, have you ever wondered what to pair with collard greens or rosemary? I have a few recommendations on some unusual pairings that will knock your socks off. They’ll be published come September and I’ll let you know which magazine to hunt down to find them! Stay tuned and cheers!


About the Author:

Editor and co-founder of, Pamela is a sommelier and former restaurant manager and wine buyer with Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET), Court of Master Sommeliers & Center for Wine Origins certification. She has contributed to or been quoted by various publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Sommelier Journal, Vegetarian Times, VIV Magazine, UC-Berkeley Astrobiology News, The Washington Post, the Associated Press, NPR and USA Today. True to her roots, she seeks varietal and appellation integrity and is always passionate about finding the next great bottle of wine.

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