Discover Portugal’s Grape Varieties

When it comes to learning about grape varieties, it is hard to find an educational tool that kicks butt. Sure, there are many great books to get the job done, but sometimes adding a web interface and some audio can take it from dreary to delightful. Take the Wines of Portugal site. They have a slick page to learn about native grapes you’ve probably never heard of before and they make learning fun.

Have you ever heard of grapes such as Bical, Malvasia Fina, Alfrocheiro, and Rufete? Me neither! That’s why you should head to the grape varieties page where they creatively describe each grape with just enough information to keep it interesting—not too geeky and not to novice and each grape has an audio clip so you know how to pronounce each grape like a pro! They also have a great section covering Ports and a really cool page covering the history of Portugal wines.

Now if you want to learn about other wine regions and grapes, I have a few awesome wine book recommendations every wine aficionado should invest in; staple books you can’t live without:

…want to learn more about wine? How about a free copy of the Wine Encyclopedia!

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Photo credit: / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0