Andrew Murray Tous les Jours Syrah, Central Coast, CA

This Syrah has all the personality Andrew Murray’s wines have always had when I was introduced to the winery back in 1997. I had left the Chumash Casino’s generous Blackjack tables (a.k.a. my office in those days) and instead of heading to Santa Maria to pick up Pamalicious where she was taking flight lessons to earn her pilot’s license I made a wrong turn and wound up at the winery. After tasting the wine and going down the hill into Santa Barbara, I then quickly headed north to the Santa Maria Airport where my lovely pilot/partner was waiting patiently. It was a pleasure to receive this sample from Andrew Murray not only because it hit a homerun, it proves my point that if a sommelier says they cannot sell Syrah it is only because they do not know enough about them. Once armed with the knowledge to educate their guests on the meritorious value these wines usually represent compared to other big flavored red wines they should be flying off the shelf particularly in Oregon where we live because they do not compete with the Pinot Noir. As this wine cascaded into the glass, the deep color sent a message of, “Hello, so you wanted a wine with huge flavors that is smooth and versatile, well here I am.” The aromas are pleasing and very berrylicious. The taste as it spreads softly across the palate generates flavors more commonly found in wines costing three times as much. The long lush pleasing finish cleanses and as you take another bite, the wine beckons you back to repeat the experience. Serve this with almost any hearty pasta, pizza, roasted or grilled meat or for this price a perfectly cooked bacon cheeseburger! This certainly fits the bill for an everyday drinking wine. I wish all my days included a bottle of this.

Rating: Excellent (91) | $16 | 14.5% ABV