Domaine de Coste Chaude Cotes du Rhone Villages

With fewer native French inhabitants imbibing upon the local products there is a chance we might see some wines arrive on our shores that may have never graced the parched wine promiscuous lips of the American consumer, especially those wild and wicked stumptown pioneers with an extra sawbuck plus change flapping around in their pocket. My observation that here in Portland, Oregon we may have a different level of access and probably a deceivingly different appreciation of the wines offered to us for general consumption than say our consumer counterparts in San Antonio, TX or White Plains, NY. We seem to get a lot of Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French wines that do not show up in cites of similar sizes in other parts of the U.S.

This Cote du Rhone Villages is a good example of that. A big step up from the usual big four names you see in Cotes du Rhone Villages. Aromas are typical for a Grenache dominated blend with Syrah adding balance. A wine that is a mouthful, very big on the palate for this vintage of low yielding vineyards offering up small quantities of complex fruit for the vintner to work with. This is a workhorse of a wine when it comes to pairing cuisine. So many hearty, comfort food staples will be great matches it would just be easier to say what it will not go with and that is briny seafood, citrusy sauces and delicate desserts. A good stand-alone sipper if you like a wine with a bit of a grip, it smoothes out after a half an hour of breathing. Quite the find—if you happen to see it, buy as much as you can, then tell your friends about it.

Rating: Very Good | $12 | 14.5% ABV