Artezin Garzini Ranch Mendocino County Petite Sirah

Artezin Garzini Ranch Mendocino County Petite Sirah: The Talmage Bench in Mendocino County has developed a distinctive identity in the fruit of various varietals grown there. Most noticeable is the elegance this particular location can lend to the Petite Sirah fruit that is grown there. This wine has to be the prettiest, polished, sit up straight and mind your manners Petite Sirah I have ever had the pleasure to taste. A really good wine though the style is a different representation of the grape than I am used to. This wine should be a big hit among consumers who like graceful, complex layered and luxurious Petite Sirah. As I drink this wine, I keep thinking what it will taste like five years from now and I think it will still be pretty and graceful. As the heat keeps creeping further north to what used to be much cooler growing areas, the maturity of the vines are producing results that twenty years ago we would have thought impossible. Any enologist who said it could happen would have been laughed at. Aromas are intense as this one is uncorked leading with the dark berry, chocolate swirl and the spicy clove resonates lightly in the background. For a young wine this Petite Sirah was enjoyable with minimal breathing time. It will have a long shelf life if you have the determination and discipline to let it age. Good luck with that! Did I mention how lusciously fabulous this wine is?

Rating: Excellent (90) | $35 | 14.2% ABV

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