Freemark Abbey Napa Valley Viognier

This is a white wine for red wine drinkers. This isn’t to say that white wine drinkers will not enjoy it as well, I’m simply pointing out that the red wine drinkers will be the group most impressed by this Freemark Abbey offering. It has the style any high-end Viognier should have and it came from a producer that up until recently I had only considered purchasing a Cabernet or Chardonnay from them. I have always considered Freemark Abbey as one of the classic Napa wine purveyors but did not consider the fact that if they were able to create these two varietals well, maybe something exciting like Viognier might be a winner too. This fortifies my recent favorite saying to “drink before you think.” If you take this advice, you might find a whole lot of wines out there that you will enjoy but never tried for one reason or the other. Open your mind and your wine buying budget and try some new wines. Not only will you have a good time, you can share your new finds throughout the holiday season with family, friends and maybe even co-workers.

Rating: Excellent (92) | $20 | 14.3% ABV

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