Tikal Mendoza Malbec

The Tikal Mendoza Malbec was such a pleasure to drink compared to the previous vintage. It’s not like that wine was bad, it was not, in fact it was really pretty good. It’s just that the 2010 blows the 2009 away. This is the embodiment of the purest expression of Malbec fruit that I have tasted in a while. The wine is a 100% Malbec farmed organically at an altitude of 1000 meters that translates to approximately 3800 feet. Bright fresh fruit aromas accompanied by the smell of spice that only comes from a restrained use of French oak round out the bouquet for this well crafted wine. Smooth texturally and exciting on the palate the flavors carry the fruit, but fruit flavors are a bit bigger and darker than the aromas and the spice has also added a bit more complexity to the flavor profile.

Malbec has started to receive a reputation for being a singular dimension grape and despite the fact that there are a few that resemble that remark there are also wonderful complex wines like this one so keep an open mind on Malbec. Another fact on the Malbec scene these days is you can no longer count on getting great wines at a $10 a bottle retail price. They just wanted to get our attention when it was selling that cheap. A well-made Malbec is now going to set you back between $15 and $20. It is still going to be better than a lot of $50 domestic wines. This Tikal Mendoza Malbec wine is complex enough to want to serve it with bold dishes that can take a supporting role to the wine. It also works well as a standalone sipper. You will be the hit of the party if you show up with this one armed with enough information to talk about it. Enjoy!

Rating: Excellent (91) | $22 | 14.2% ABV