Don’t Go to Napa without This App!

I don’t write about wine apps very often because I don’t find many that are interesting enough to bring attention to them but I found an app I think you will like—Wine Spectator’s Guide to Napa Valley. It is an awesome little one-stop-shop Napa Valley iPad application that is easy to use and quite extensive.

One click and a map will display all wineries, hotels and restaurants in a given area. It is much easier to plan a trip this way rather than searching on Google or other travel sites. The romanticism of booking a trip shortly ends (and turns into a project) after you realize the hotel you booked is well off the beaten path from the wineries and restaurants you plan to visit. Do yourself a favor, save yourself some of your precious time and use this app to plan your trip.

It is quite extensive and it even covers Napa Valley history, appellations, and geography. It also gives you special access to over 400 Napa Valley wine reviews, which would make good reading material while you are making the trek to the region via car or plane.

Specific features of the app include:

  • Complete trip planner to Napa Valley with editor recommendations on where to stay, where to dine, which wineries to visit, and what to drink
  • Rich articles on the history, geography, and appellations of Napa Valley with additional content focused on Cabernet Sauvignon
  • iPad-optimized photography created exclusively for the app’s use
  • Easy navigation with multiple ways to browse the app as well as interactive in-page slideshows
  • Pop-up definitions to quickly define complex wine terms
  • Interactive map view that plots editor recommendations on top Napa Valley destinations for quick filtering and access
  • Special access to over 400 Wine Spectator Napa wine reviews, including more than 200 Cabernets, with the ability to sort by specific producers or vintages

This app is Enobytes approved, and you can purchase it from the iPad App Store at a price of $4.99 and it is worth every penny.  But if you leave a comment below, I’ll throw your name in a hat for a chance to win a free download. I am giving away FIVE free promo codes and I will pick the winners next week! Hit me up with a comment and let the odds be with you…and happy Napa Valley wine travels!

Photo credits: Winespectator