2010 Mollydoooker “The Scooter”  Merlot, McLaren Vale

If you have forgotten what really good merlot tastes like you should reacquaint yourself to this grape by buying a bottle of  the Mollydoooker “The Scooter” Merlot and experiencing what merlot should be instead of that homogenized everyman wine that seems to be what a lot of bigger wineries are aiming for no matter what they charge per bottle. This Merlot will bring you back to your senses and let you stretch out your tasting receptors. Attention grabbing aromas from the usual bunch of perpetrators, that same group of suspects continue by fronting off the dark and red fruit flavors rocking the mocha with spice. Smooth intense finish that lingers.

Rating: Very Good (89) | $22 | 15.5% ABV