Treana Paso Robles Red Table Wine

Treana Paso Robles Red Table Wine: The Hope family that owns Treana wines has a reputation of being innovative in their approach to winemaking and marketing. The concept behind Treana Red speaks to both of those aspects of the wine business. Eschewing the need for a variety specific label this Paso Robles winery has single handedly advanced the term Super Paso to the level of being the equivalent of using the term IGT when referring to Italian wines.

Years ago when the Meritage society in California was formed they did so to create an American name for Bordeaux styled wines made in California. Back then, most vintners in California believed wine labeled red table wine would not be taken seriously nor could it command the price of a varietal specific vintage wine. Austin Hope (Treana’s owner and winemaker) put it best when he said, “We walk the fine line all California winemakers walk; aiming for wine that’s not over the top, not all lushness, but with some grace and elegance.”

They definitely have achieved this goal in the 2009 Treana Red, showcasing the depth and power offered from their very best barrels of Cabernet Sauvignon blended into the appealing and approachable warmth of character the Syrah generously adds into the blend.

Rating: Excellent (90) | $35 | 15.0% ABV