Unruly Shopping List: A Foodie App Worth a Spin

There are plenty of foodie apps out there but there is nothing quite like Spinning Meals.  The big idea behind it is that it generates your meal plan and shopping list based on your favorite recipes, then it allows you to plan your weekly meal schedule around your preferences. Pretty cool stuff!

I happen to know the guy behind this app, Ryan Smith. I had an opportunity to beta it prior to its release and find it invaluable for planning weekly meals. Marc does most of the cooking in the house and he likes to wing it for the most part, but I use this app to plan my breakfast and brown bag lunches and it is quite a timesaver.

Here is how it works. The app comes pre-loaded with a handful of recipes. You can start with these or download your own favorites from sites like Epicurious, AllRecipes, and BigOven! Then, here comes the cool part. Once you capture your recipes, you take the app for a spin (no pun intended). The concept is similar to shaking your iphone to randomize results like Urbanspoon or other comparable apps. Once the spin is complete, it randomizes your recipes into a weekly meal plan.

From there you can customize and change out meals if needed, then the shopping list is automatically populated and categorized into a shopping list, sorted by department—by baked goods, dairy, meats, etc. Other features that set this app apart is its ability to organize meals by category, prep time and seasons, group recipes into meals, and build meal plans manually if you prefer.

Overall, the app is easy to use and the learning curve is low.  It takes a little time to set up your preferred recipe list, but this app makes it fun to find and save recipes. Once you get this step out of the way, you are ready to rock-n-roll—no more manual shopping lists, or the dreaded question, “What’s for dinner?” And what’s cool is that Ryan continuously adds new features so the app frequently improves on functionality.

This handy app is perfect for busy families or anyone wanting to simplify their life—it is an easy and fun way to plan meals. So if you are looking for an app to make meal planning and grocery shopping easier, this time saving app will pay for itself in the first week. It is well worth the $2.99 investment and it is available for download here. Take it for a spin and check out the quick how-to video over on his site.

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*Disclosure: I consider the creator of this app a friend, and I received the beta version for testing purposes. When the full version was available, I purchased it because I believed in the product. I paid $2.99 and considered it a bargain. I have no affiliation with Spinning Meals and I have not been compensated whatsoever for promoting this product. I simply believe it’s a great app that many will enjoy.