Wine Review: 2009 Gary Farrell Pinot Noir, Russian River Selection

Gary Farrell Pinot Noir: It has been a while since I tried a Pinot noir from Gary Farrell’s fabulous line-up of super high quality wines. What was I thinking I need to make it a point to taste every vintage from this winery. Yes, believe the hype. These guys have earned all of their accolades by producing terroir driven, fruit focused wines using minimally invasive winemaking techniques. This 2009 vintage produced low yield, highly concentrated fruit that matured well in an extended growing season exemplifying the unique characteristics of a great Russian River Valley weather pattern.

This lush and luxurious well-appointed example of what this winery is capable of exhibits the most decadently candied apple on the nose I have ever experienced and then it pulls up the stakes and lets it all go when the flavor excursion begins. Intense dried cherry and overripe raspberry lead the parade with freshly crushed aromatic spices rounding out the package of sensory delights. This is a big Pinot noir and it exudes complexity insuring the perfect match to simple expressions of culinary magnificence. Cedar planked salmon or fire roasted leg of lamb would work as well as Portobello Wellington’s. Warm hazelnuts and triple cream cheeses are underrated when it comes to wine pairings with elegant Pinot noir, something I recommend everyone try at least once. But make sure you try this wine, the 2009 is drinking really fine.

Rating: Excellent (92) | $42 | 14.2% ABV