Seven of Hearts Chateau Figareaux Cabernet Franc

Seven of Hearts Chateau Figareaux: First, I have to say I am a huge fan of Cabernet Franc and this one from the Columbia Valley AVA has moved to the top of my list for this variety produced domestically. Seven of Hearts Chateau Figareaux is a small producer here in Willamette Valley who is becoming well known one bottle at a time. There is a lot going on in this bottle and it is anxiously awaiting being poured into your glass so it can strut its stuff. This variety when produced in the Northwest does not amplify the dusty sometimes-harsh tannins associated with this grape when it is produced in other growing regions.

In the glass, dark blue floral aromas emanate and mingle with the smell of brown baking spices. Soft supple and luscious with loads of red fruit there is a tantalizing taste sensation as the wine cascades across the palate. 98 case production.

Rating: Excellent (92) | $29 | 14.3% ABV