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While Champagne precedes its reputation for quality, the much-admired bubbly often carries extravagant pricing, making sparklers from other grape growing regions more appealing for value-conscious consumers. In Penedès, quality is king and many of the bodegas prove they have the goods to deliver delectable sparklers at a fraction of the cost of good Champagne—and they do it with passion, love, and dedication.

One such producer is Segura Viudas. Rich in history, the bodega began its journey as a Catalan masía (country house) built by the Bishop of Sant Cugat del Vallès in the 11th century.  The armed forces converted it to an outpost but its masía roots regained footing after the tower lost its military importance in the 13th century.  Six centuries later, the winemaking property took root in 1959, branding the Segura Viudas name with solidifying marketing efforts emerging a decade later. In the early 80’s, the Ferrer family of Barcelona, the world’s largest producer of sparkling wine, purchased Segura Viudas.  Since then, the estate retains its competitive edge, producing quality sparklers at reasonable prices….

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