Pebble Beach Food & Wine (The 5-Minute Recap)

Here is the 5-minute Pebble Beach Food & Wine recap

Interviewed: Drew Barrymore.  She says that women like ice in their wine, and her “Pinot Grigio has beautiful notes and it is lacking in acidity.” Interviewer tries not to look horrified. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Vino reports on the statements as Jon Bonne chimes in on twitter, “she just set wine tasting back five years.” Then an MW puts Dr. Vino in his place, paraphrasing where he got off speaking on behalf of women. Dr. Vino responds, and then they make amends. I heard rumor that they are going to Disney Land to celebrate. Meanwhile, Harvey Steiman chimes in on his blog telling everyone to stop being so snobby and to microwave their wine.  Ok Drew, it is time for an intervention. I get that you like a wine with lower acidity and if your wine fits the bill, great, but please don’t say it is lacking anything! You are basically saying your wine is flat and flabby, which isn’t a good thing. I think you want to sell wine, not sit on it, right? Let’s do lunch and work on your strategy.

Sighted: Richard Jennings. I couldn’t get a quote from him because he was moving to fast. He seemed to be on a mission to collect 400 tasting notes. I think his contract is about to expire and if he doesn’t make 34,000 tasting notes by the end of the year, CellarTracker will fire him. That is just a rumor though. Or maybe a coyote is chasing him. I don’t know.

Quoted: Marc Hinton.  “I like my wines down and dirty.”  It must be a southern thing and I did not have time to ask him what the hell he meant by this.

Spotted: Antonio Galloni.  To heck with the food and the chefs, where are the wines and the Master Somms??? He spent his time drinking through grower Champagne, Ridge, Ornellaia, and Cos d’Estournel, just to name a few—then on to drink through every vintage of Scarecrow. “What stood out most was the consistency of the wines across all vintages”, but “I still can’t figure out the 2009. Every time I taste that wine something is missing for me.” I would talk to Drew about this. She knows something about lacking wines.

Stay tuned for next year’s recap.


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  1. Jill K. April 13, 2013 at 2:09 PM - Reply

    I don’t have any girlfriends that put ice in their wine but I know of plenty of men! :)

    • enobytes April 13, 2013 at 4:39 PM - Reply

      Yeah, same here Jill!! :)

  2. David Guetta April 15, 2013 at 12:46 AM - Reply

    I needed a little humor for the day, thanks.

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