2010 Angel Vine Alder Ridge Zinfandel

This is one of the awesome wines coming out of Angel Vine located in Carlton, Oregon. With only one Pinot noir on the list at the Angel Vine tasting room, they are a respite for lovers of big bold red wines if you are touring the Willamette Valley with a bunch of Pinot noir hounds. The fruit for this wine comes from Washington state just like most of Angel Vine’s other wines.  The Alder Ridge Vineyard’s growing conditions produces grapes with great character by pushing every ounce of survival skills out of these vines. Bigger than life all up in your face flavors of brambly, big red fruit and spiced plum and oh yeah all of Angel Vine wines are absolutely MacDaddylicious. Get some before this one is gone!

Rating: Excellent (90) | $22 | 15.6% ABV

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