Alsace Riesling

If you think Alsace Riesling is sweet, its not!  In fact, a glass of vegetable juice contains more sweetness than a glass of Riesling! And with summer upon us, it’s a great wine to pair with fresh seafood. It also pairs well with crab cakes, wild game, sushi, pâté and foie gras. I am personally fond of the 2011 Schoffit Riesling Alsace Lieu-Dit Harth Tradition (which retails for around $26) with Marc’s recipe for crab cakes. The Domaine Bott-Geyl Riesling Schoenenbourg, Alsace Grand Cru is really good too, retailing for under $20. Both wines are fresh and opulent, showing a great expression of the regional characteristics with juicy, racy acidity.

Alsace Riesling
Marc's Crab cakes
Do you have a suggestion for an Alsace Riesling and food pairing? Right now, you can submit a favorite dry Alsace Riesling and food pairing to @drinkAlsace using the hashtag #TryDryAlsace on Twitter for the chance to win two Riedel Grand Cru Riesling glasses. The contest will conclude July 31st with the announcement of a winner. What is your idea? Let me know and good luck!

For now, enjoy the infographic and Drink Alsace, the perfect summer sipper.

Alsace Riesling Infograph