Celebrity Vineyards

Celebrity Vineyards

From Napa to Tuscany in search of great wine……..

It seems that owning a vineyard or a wine label is becoming second to your very own perfume line in the land of celebrity.  This was a concept that so captured the intrigue of author, Nick Wise, that he decided to explore it further.

This book uncovers how sixteen international household names pay homage to their vinicultural passions.  Along the way, the reader will learn something about what makes celebrities such as Francis Ford Coppola (Inglenook), Dan Ackroyd (Dan Ackroyd Discovery Series), Jarno Trulli  (Podere Castorani) and Bruce R. Cohn (B. R. Cohn Winery) tick.  What has drawn them into a world that can just as soon deliver heartbreak as excitement and joy.

While some are born to it, others fall into it when their land just happens to have a vineyard.  Others seek to fulfill their own life long dream or to hold on to the essence of a departed loved one’s dream. In every instance though, the desire to create an expression of that land in a glass is the same.

Nick Wise

It is fascinating to see the range of these ventures from the size and scale of the Disney family’s Silverado to smaller vineyards such as the Raymond Burr Vineyards or that of Robert Kamen. The book traverses the Atlantic moving smoothly from the gently rolling hills of USA and Canada to Italy and arid plains of Spain.

Author Nick Wise remarked how the wines often ended up resembling the persona of the more hands-on celebrity.  Often the wineries also take on the gleem of their owner’s personality.   How could they not when most of the personalities involved seem so much larger than life?

The book is well paced and documented with evocative imagery as it takes you on a learning journey, that of the author and the reader.  At the end of each celebrity chapter, there are tasting notes for your devourment and delectation.    Throughout Celebrity Vineyards there are questions raised and gently answered. One question that will certainly grab your attention and is answered in suitable depth is, can a porn star make a decent red wine? Not only is this answered, the chapter comes complete with its own centrefold.  A venus for the vinously inclined??

Now, no modern piece of literature seems to stand alone as a singular event and so, as an apetite whetter, Nick has also included a list of celebs that he is including in Volume Two.  While we won’t be seeing the likes of Sir Cliff Richard or French Rugby star Gerard Bertrand in Volume Two, we may well see Gerard Depardieu, Robert Parker, Jr., Madonna and Sam Neill.  Perhaps, there will be room in Volume Three for Sir Cliff’s and Gerard Bertrand’s appearance.

Published by Omnibus Press, August 2013


About the Author:

Lisa Johnston is a Sydney based wine educator, writer and wine business consultant who believes that wine should be fun, sometimes contemplative and never intimidating. After living for 7 years in the UK, many working in wine sales and marketing roles, her aim is to re-explore Australian wine and share the best finds. Thanks to the ever changing nature of wine, in the vineyard, in the bottle and in the glass – this may take a very very long time. For her latest muse, visit http://www.winemuse.com.au/

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