Harvest in Yamhill

A Day in the Life of an Intern – Harvest Continues!

Thought of the day: I am falling in love with the smell of fermentation…and I am really getting behind on my harvest updates!



Harvest in Yamhill: The day started with a blanket of fog as I drove to Tendril Wine Cellars in Yamhill County


But it did not last long as the sunrise broke through by the time I made it to the cellar door

Today I learned how to keep the yeast happy. Sometimes when the fermenting process needs a little help, we kick it with a bit of heat. Here, we insert this wafer-heating element to bring up the temps so that the fermenting can get on with its business:





Yo Mikey!

tony shoveling grapes

Tony shoveling crushed grapes: Harvest in Yamhill

tony on press2

Tony shovels the crushed grapes into the press to extract the juice


We separate out the seeds

sam cleaning

Sam cleaning up

What I learned today: Focus on the big picture and coordinate tasks to speed up efficiency. Also, Pinot runs fast to the fermentation finish line, whereas Cabernet takes in some scenery before completing its fermenting task.


Tomorrow:  Off to barrel land…stay tuned!