Wine Review: 2010 Murphy Goode Liars Dice Sonoma County Zinfandel

Wine Review: 2010 Murphy Goode Liars Dice Zinfandel, Sonoma County, California

Murphy Goode Liars Dice Zinfandel: A good acronym for this wine would be LDMG (Low Down Mighty Good) or split it and bump it around and you have MGLD (Murphy-Goode Liars Dice). Either way, this wine “brings it” showing a blend of classic Sonoma Zinfandel that includes a throw caution to the wind and let your freak flag fly style. That is how it earns the Liar’s Dice moniker.

My personal affinity for this wine goes back a long way. Since the nineties, every wine list I have had any input on included Liars Dice. In 2009, right after Hardy Wallace of Dirty and Rowdy wines won the prize of becoming Murphy- Goode’s Social Media Director I had drinks with three of the wine world’s most influential voices Paul Mabray, Pamela Heiligenthal, and Sasha Kadey. During that encounter, I remember espousing the virtues of Liar’s Dice Zinfandel while defending the brand awareness of Murphy Goode as viable to most serious Zinheads.

But let’s talk about this Zinfandel in the here and now. The 2010 Liar’s Dice will keep you interested through the whole bottle with no regrets. In Sonoma, growing conditions in 2010 were not exactly pristine and fruit quality varied. Winemaker David Ready Jr. produced a solid effort that exemplifies what a talented winemaker can do when called upon. The flavor profile is consistent with past examples of Liars Dice. Lively, ripe red berry, vanilla and caramel flavors are enjoyable. The finish is tasty enough to wish it had lingered longer. Class up your tailgating or infield extravaganzas or dinner table with some Liar’s Dice. It will pair well with anything you are grilling.

Rating: Good (87) | $21 | 15.5% ABV

Murphy-Goode Liars Dice Zinfandel


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  1. Heather December 29, 2013 at 10:15 AM - Reply

    I love the MG wines! My old favorite.

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