Wine Review: 2009 Mackey Walla Walla Syrah

Mackey Walla Walla Syrah: Damn this wine made me slap happy, the kind with a big’ol side to side grin. Then I came to my senses and realized it is time to recognize Mackey Vineyards rocks the Walla Walla Syrah. This is very, very tasty wine. This Syrah is only the second vintage for the brothers Mackey and quite an impressive effort it is.

Juicy berry and stone fruit aromas start the aroma regatta. A whiff of smoke and a hint of vanilla come next. The slightly earthy (barnyardy) nuance on the end of the nose and in the finish is straight up old school gangster! This wine is fresh and way up in your face. Solid satisfying flavor cascades across the palate like the Columbia River flowing over the Ceilo Falls.

Generous and giving this elixir flows to the depth of sensory pleasure offering tasteful, pleasing flavors and textures along its course. The wide spectrum of sweet and savory flavors weaving with silky textures and fine tannins make this wine an attractive package worth seeking out. The wine is drinking well now, but the structure and style suggest longevity. As with most well-made Syrah wines, pairings are broad. Just shy away from delicate flavors or bright citrusy foods. Treat yourself to a present or present someone a wonderful gift, but buy it quick. It will not be available much longer.

Rating: Excellent (93) | $32 | 14.4% ABV

Mackey Walla Walla Syrah