Wine Review: 2010 Aphros Silenus Vinhao Portugal

What a pleasant surprise it was to taste this wine. Aphros Silenus Vinhao Portugal is the sleeper hit of 2014 wine discoveries for me. A better example of red wine currently produced from this region would be hard to find. No, really; actually seeing a red from the Vinho Verde region is pretty rare outside of Portugal. 

This wine is 100% Vinhao, a grape known for producing firm, slightly acidic wines that can be exciting to experience. Aromas are subtle anise, red and black fruit with a whiff of well-tanned leather. The intrigue of this wine comes from the fullness of flavor, integration of acidity and overall palate pleasing qualities.There is an underlying smokiness not usually associated with youthful wines.

If your palate has become jaded by so many predictable formula wines, seek this one out and be prepared to get excited. Any goat, lamb, veal or beef dishes, served with tomato-based sauces will be a good match, as would well-aged sheep’s milk cheeses or dried figs and roasted nuts.

Rating: Excellent (90) | $40 | 13.0% ABV

Aphros Silenus