21 Things You Don’t Know about Australian Food and Wine (But Should)

Here is a top list of 21 things you don’t know about Australian food and wine with a few other interesting tidbits thrown in!

1. In Australia, tasting rooms are known as cellar doors

2. In the Australian wine scene, no corkscrews are needed. 98% of their wines are under screw cap!

3. Australians drink mostly Australian wine. They are loyal to their brand. Who can blame them? Australian wine rocks. Although the next time you visit, make sure you bring a good U.S.A. red to impress your Australian friend!

4. If you are looking for great Australian food, you have come to the right place my friend.  From  ‘fusion’ food to Chinese and Greek, they have it all! And amazingly, the largest Greek population in the world besides Athens is found in Melbourne. Australia also has wonderful seafood!

australian food and wine; fish

5. Did you order takeout at the wrong restaurant? No worries mate! They will drive you to the other location to pick up your food. I am not joking! Australian’s are the friendliest people in the world. They are hospitable, genuine, and caring people.

6. Kangaroos don’t drink wine

7. Australian wine–Jacob’s Creek and many Australian wineries make the most amazing wine—but you will probably have to travel to Australia to taste it because the good stuff has not made its way to the U.S. yet. Use this as your excuse to visit Australia.

8. Rule #1 its pronounced Mel-burn not Mel-Born

9. Rule #2 It’s pronounced Ad-el-laid not A-del-aide

10. The Adelaide hills region (Piccadilly) is cooler (we’re speaking temperatures her folks!) than northern France

Australian food and wine; Piccadilly Adelaide wine region

11. Adelaide and Barrosa have strong resemblances to the central coast of California, specifically Paso Robles

Australian Wine Country

12. You will find BYO $2 dollars per person. Translation—Bring Your Own Wine to Restaurants and pay only a $2 corkage. I think we all need to move here. Nuf said.

13. For Australian food, you can find $25 roasted duck in Adelaide restaurants that will knock your socks off

Australian food and wine; Adelaide Duck

14. For some reason, many Australians don’t like cucumbers or arugula (otherwise known as rocket). I’m not sure if this was a weird coincidence or fact.

15. Australian twitter friends will actually live up to their word.

16. Adelaide is only 20 minutes from the beach and a $15 cab ride from the airport

Australia Adelaide Beach

17. Australian food—Fresh and beautiful produce is abound with vegetation covering nearly 91 percent of Australia.

18. Australia makes the most amazing Riesling

Australian food and wine; Steingarten Riesling

19. On the Limestone Coast sits the most remarkable wine region Coonawarra, where the red colored Terra Rossa soil produces amazing Cabernet Sauvignon.

Australian food and wine; Terra Tossa Coonawarra soil

Australian food and wine; Coonawarra Australia wine region

Coonawarra Australia Wine Region

20. If you are flying out of Adelaide, make sure to stop by the wine shop Icons South Australia! wine shop – Craig can recommend great wine whether you are looking for an iconic bottle or something out of the ordinary. They also offer a great ham and cheese croissant & small coffee for $7 which is a bargain considering most coffee shops charge $4-6 for a small coffee

21. Dingo’s don’t eat babies!

Australian dingo


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