Have you heard of ABOUT FACE Magazine? Neither did I, until a good friend approached us to write for them, and now we are columnists for the magazine. It’s actually a pretty cool gig that allows us full journalistic license to write quick quips and small bytes about the food and wine industry.

What I admire is the magazine’s  ability to highlight celebrities among us, from the famous to the infamous, focusing on innovators in all fields and industries for the arts, culture, music, fashion, business, design, and science. Which is formidable, because this really covers a lot of ground… and it is pretty cool too cover all of the awesomeness that happens cross Portland and beyond.

This month, my quick quip covers food parings that excite and entice. And Marc’s Pacific Northwest food and wine timetable is an accurate but brief timeline that is easy to digest. And if you want to download a free PDF of the magazine before buying, head over to AboutFace Magazine to download the Fall issue. Click fast and enjoy the read.