What Keeps this Blog Going? Readership and a Little Recognition

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ll know we focus on writing with passion and purpose.  We’re not a big corporation, although many of our readers think so. We don’t monetize but many think we make a living from this site. Full time day jobs keep us from accepting every jaunt that comes our way. And yet we keep up with the industry and have spent enough time in the biz to know when to call the BS card. So what keeps us going? 

Our readers and peer recognition is what keeps us going, which is why I was fervent and exhilarated to read what SOMM Journal‘s editor and writer David Vogels wrote in a recent article, “Deserving Cyber Sips.” His insight as a judge in the Wine Blog Award process was quite enlightening and candid—calling the bullshit card in terms of  the number of navel-gazing wine diaries that exist, and the lack of journalistic style that plagues the industry.  As for his thoughts on the awards process, Vogels listed the winners (with his own favorite in parenthesis if different from those who won). We were one of five finalists selected for the Best Overall Wine Blog category:

[quote]Best Overall Wine Blog: Jamie Goode’s Wine Blog (Enobytes)[/quote]

I have to admit, I had to re-read the last sentence a couple of times before realizing Vogel was calling us his favorite in this category. What an honor Vogels, thank you. And it makes it even more special to be in a category with such a distinguished wine writer and scientist, Jamie Goode, whom I’ve admired for many years.

This is the sort of recognition (and pressure) that Enobytes needs to keep things going…onwards and upwards! We promise to keep it real and engaging… A special thank you to SOMM Journal and David Vogels.

Read the full SOMM Journal Cyber Sips article here.