Prats & Symington Quinta de Roriz Prazo de Roriz

Wine Review: 2011 Prats & Symington Quinta de Roriz Prazo de Roriz, Douro, Portugal

A bootylicious kind of sip!  It’s a big f*cking deal, rock yur world kind of wine that’s wicked pissar. I mean that with the utmost respect Rupert and Charles Symington and u’s know I would never diss ya’ll! Enobytes has mad respect 4u’s; R ya feelin me now? 

Now that I’ve got that out of my system I will continue in a jargon most everyone can understand.  In the Douro with the right vineyard selections and a growing season that produced pristine fruit for the winemakers Bruno Prats and Charles Symington something near perfection can be achieved.  Painting a broad swath of flavors upon your palate the rich and meaty textures amplify the blackberry and chocolate notes; making this wine a luscious, soft, inviting and satisfying ride to pleasuretown.

Francesinha Sandwich

A Francesinha Sandwich. Photo credit:

This vintage holds an allure for me that makes it even more special because I was on this property in 2011 while they were harvesting. If you ever have a chance to visit the Douro region in Portugal, I highly recommend it. The non-fortified still wines from Prat and Symington are all excellent values, but this one is a steal. Broaden your culinary skills by serving this with a Portuguese Francesinha. Trust me on this one it will be the best Sandwich and wine combination you have ever had.

Rating: Excellent (92) | $16 | 14.5% ABV

Prats & Symington Quinta de Roriz


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