What Wines You Need to Serve with Turkey Dinner? 

What Wines You Need to Serve with Turkey Dinner? Well, this list is not another long, boring, “thanksgiving is complicated, and you need to read this 20 page guide to get how complicated it is to pair wine with cranberries, stuffing and pumpkin pie!”

Nope. Because things are much simpler than that. How simple? Really simple. So simple that even a wine novice making the selections will appease your snobby wine connoisseur friends and family.  This year, buy a bottle from each of the five categories below:

1. Something soft and elegant like a Pinot noir or Cinsault

2. Something full-bodied like a Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel or Syrah

3. Something spicy or fruity like a Gewürztraminer, Riesling, or a Pinot gris

4. Something fun and festive, like a sparkler or Champagne

5. Something pink, like a Rose[/box]

Yes, it really is this simple! You’ll be able to find a wine that works with every spice, texture, and flavor thrown your way, including those wacky, unexpected dishes that show up at your diner table. And everyone will find a favorite between the copious choices available!

If your family loves wine, plan for one bottle per two guests. So a party of twelve will consume 6 bottles. Reduce the number of bottles if you serve other alcoholic beverages, and increase if you have a bunch of lushes wine connoisseurs at the table.

Problem solved!  Now go on and concur the world.