2013 Le Petit Coquerel Verdelho, Calistoga, Napa Valley, California

Verdelho grown in Calistoga? Wow, this wine pulls you in with aromas that are intriguing and complex while unusual and pleasant.  One of our guests said he could only describe this wine with a sound instead of a description and then he let out a loud “Cock a doodle doo” and he was right.

The wine is surprising like an unexpected wakeup call, which at first might be a little brash, but it was real easy to get used to. Sipping this libation brings mouth filling multifaceted flavors of lime, peach, melon, mineral and savory herb as the juice bounces around your flavor receptors like the tilt a whirl at a carnival.

There is freshness to this wine that showcases the flavor profile variation of this varietal grown in the western hemisphere that European versions do not obtain.  Maybe because California soil has only been producing domesticated vegetation for three centuries and the Douro has been producing grapes for a couple of millennia.  Dirt gets tired and that’s a fact or sometimes an artifact.  I remember having the same epiphany a few years back with an Albarino from Lodi. Never the less, I digress and this wine is not getting any colder so it’s time to drink like you mean it.  Time to sip, swirl, and hopefully not hurl; oh yeah anyone ready for a spin on the tilt a whirl?

Rating: Excellent (91) | $22 | 13.5 % ABV

Le Petit Coquerel Verdelho