Wine Review: 2012 Edmeades Petite Sirah, Mendocino County, California

Edmeades delivers exceptional Petite Sirah with this 2012. This is a, “Hello, where have you been all my life?” kind of wine! 

What we have here is Petite Sirah in its grandest form—a fruity, bossy pants wine that says, ”Yeah, you may have never had anything like this before, but you know damn well, you want some more.” Wow it is good.

Aromas of blueberries so ripe the juices would burst the skins if touched oozing the most intensely pure blueberry aromas. Next the vanilla aromas expand. Now it’s like hot blueberry pie with ice cream made from copious amounts of fresh scraped Tahitian Vanilla beans.

Swirling and sniffing this Petite Sirah created a pleasurable, tingling like sensation in my nose. The flavors are just as exciting, coating the mouth like a crop duster dropping in low, spraying sweet berry nectar mixed with dark tea and smoke.

Expansive and complex through the elegant finish you will not want it to end. The winemaker is also a culinarian who used to sling pans in one of the busiest restaurants in Napa. It’s no surprise with a background like that, the style of wine he produces is an off the chart awesome representation of the varietal.

Enjoy some smoked meats or anything with big flavors. There is nothing too big to go with this wine. 250 case production.

Rating: Excellent (92) | $35 | 14.5 % ABV

Edmeades Petite Sirah