Wine Review: 2013 Bernard Magrez Domaine d’Oustric ‘Oustric’, Picpoul de Pinet, France

The wine Bernard Magrez has made from this ancient grape was an eye-opener.

Picpoul has been growing near the Thau Lagoon for centuries and as early as 1618 well known Botanist’s were lauding accolades for its ability to cleanse the palate due to the overt acidity. Picpoul (Pique-poul) translates literally as “stings the lip”, referring to the mouthwateringly high acidity created from the limestone soil where the grapes are grown.

100% Picpoul, the aromas are floral and citrus, flavors are peach and grapefruit zest delivered with depth and complexity. This wine did not have the crystal clear color with green hues most young Picpoul is known for, because of the age of the vines these grapes were harvested from.

Mature vines will produce a wine of straw yellow and often, as with this wine, the acidity is not as bracing as younger Picpoul. Picpoul has the ability to neutralize the salt and iodine in shellfish and other crustaceans, and is surprisingly good with rich cheese and charcuterie.

Food friendly with broad culinary applications this is the perfect white wine for oysters, shrimp or any seafood with any noticeable iodine.


The level of quality belies the price-point. If there ever was a white wine for year-round consumption this is it. Enjoy!

Rating: Very Good (89) | $11 | 12.5 % ABV

Bernard Magrez Picpoul