Intense Liquid Honeycomb: Sokol Blosser Rose of Pinot Noir

2015 Sokol Blosser Rose of Pinot Noir

Pinot noir Rose from the Willamette Valley has experienced quite the rise in popularity over the past decade. Granted there are a lot of wine drinkers who will never love Rose wines no matter the style and that’s Ok. There are plenty of other wines for them to enjoy—white, red, and sparkling. 

When wine drinkers started to realize that pink did not have to necessarily be a sweet California Zinfandel blush or of questionable quality mass produced dry Portuguese rose, lots of different styles of Rose have made it onto retailers’ shelves.  Included in those various varieties are some stylishly unique, esoterically challenging Willamette Valley Rose made from Pinot noir.

The 2015 Sokol Blosser Rose of Pinot Noir will provide all the folks who love the lightly crisp, seductively vibrant, aromas and tasty nuances of Oregon Pinot noir a perfect vehicle for those flavors to be conveniently served cold.

Aromas are tart strawberry, watermelon and rose petal floral. Cold freshly cut watermelon and a mélange of apricot and raspberry lead the flavor parade. There are two unusual attributes to this wonderful elixir. While sipping this wine, as those two characteristics made themselves apparent, it became one of the most thought-provoking beverage moments in my life (hence the esoteric reference earlier).

The acidity of this wine the moment it hits the flavor receptors explodes like a swift gust of cold wind on a hot summer day.  A bit startling when it first hits you; then as the sensation retreats the surprising, yet cool, refreshment turns to a sense of joy. During that moment of pleasure, you will look forward to that breeze; hoping it repeats, a lot like the finish of this wine.

The second rare aspect is the dead-on flavor of honeycomb. Four and a half decades into my wine journey I have never experienced anything like this. The flavor is intense liquid honeycomb without any of the sweet element. Amazing! One dish in particular that will pair well with this wine is prosciutto and melon, one of my favorites.  Enjoy!

Rating: Excellent (93) | $22 | 13.5 % ABV

Sokol Blosser Estate Rosé of Pinot noir


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