A Clean and Soft Turkish Wine: Vinkara Narince

2014 Vinkara Narince, Tokat, Turkey

The wines of Turkey have been around since the time of the Hittites—which is probably some of the earliest recorded history of viticulture.

Turkey is the world’s fourth-leading producer of grapes. The origin of the Hittites is a little murky. Some of their history dates back to 17000 BC. It is known grape cultivation originated in Anatolia around 4000BC. The region of Central Anatolia is the most climatically difficult region to produce wine, with most vineyards located at altitudes near 1,250 meters (4,000 feet) above sea level. In the summer, grapes of this region can receive up to 12 hours of sunshine a day.

The vineyards of Eastern Anatolia are located in the Euphrates valley, which is one of the world’s oldest wine regions and the anecdotal location of Noah‘s vineyards from the 9th chapter of Genesis in the Bible. The Hittites are also credited with bringing wine cultivation to the Far East in China. Archaeological findings listed in the Han Dynasties records around 2000 BC show the technology and the botanical ingredients for winemaking were brought from Anatolia.

Vinkara Narince Tokat, Turkey

Vinkara Narince, Tokat, Turkey

That being said, this wine would be worth trying just to get a taste of history. Vinkara’s Narince is made from 100% of this indigenous varietal. It is stainless steel fermented then left on the lees for three months prior to bottling.

In the glass there is a green hued color that is textbook for white wines from this region. The wine expresses prominent white peach, citrus-blossom aromas with a hint of Meyer lemon.

Breathing time is minimal—give it 5-10 minutes and a good swirl then you are set to go. The flavor parade is fun, festive with bright notes of juicy stone fruit, citrus and soft notes of clean dry straw on the finish.

Fun summertime cuisine like grilled and chilled red chili flake garlic Prawns, or whole roasted Branzino will work well.

Rating: Very Good (89) | $15 | 13.5 % ABV

Vinkara Doruk Narince Turkey


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