One of the hidden gems for vineyard trekking is the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces in Switzerland. The region covers roughly 2,000 acres of vines in Switzerland on a steep hillside near the medieval town of St. Saphorin. Characterized with its narrow alleys and winegrowers’ houses built between the 16th and 19th century, this quaint town is worth the visit for enophiles. The town has a Churchill that still adorns many wine labels and visiting all of the wine cellars and pubs makes for an awesome fun-filled day.

Wine Cellars in the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces Region

Lavaux Vinorama

Lavaux Vinorama is a cool little place right in the center of the Lavaux Unesco World Heritage site. They offer over 250 wines from the region, with gorgeous views of the Lavaux. You’ll feel relaxed and welcomed.

Lavaux Vinorama

Terres de Lavaux et Eurêka Vins

Terres de Lavaux et Eurêka Vins offers a good selection of excellent Lavaux wines. It’s an ideal place to hang out for the afternoon and makes a great meeting place for larger groups as well. The atmosphere is comforting and warm.

Terres de Lavaux

Domaine Croix Duplex Simon et Maude Vogel

Domaine Croix Duplex Simon et Maude Vogel cultivates 70 acres of vines. It’s fun to taste here not only to drink some favorite varieties like Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot noir, and Syrah, but to also experiment with some unfamiliar grapes like Chasselas, Gamaret, Garanoir, and Diolinoir. Try something unfamiliar and have some fun!

Terrasse Lavaux Domaine Croix Duplex

Traveling Through the Region

Hiking and cycling is a fun way to get through the region. But another option is to travel by train. They have a lot of train options that are reasonable and they depart frequently. The Lavaux Express runs a number of routes. One of the favorites, the Caveau Train, is a two hour trip that takes you through the village where you will meet the winemakers and discover the vines and wines of Lavaux. Check schedules as many only travel April – October.

Lavaux Express Swiss Vineyards

There is another train, the Lavaux-Panoramic, which takes you around the picturesque roads of the terraced vineyards, running through the villages of Chardonne, Chexbres, Rivaz and St. Saphorin, all located within the World Heritage Site.