It’s hard not to enjoy Chardonnay of some type, or another, because there are so many different styles produced around the world. That being said it makes it difficult to talk about this grape as if there is only one style of wine made from it. Even when you only consider the finest chardonnay grapes grown in the most pristine of growing conditions, you still have an abundance of variation in style from regions across the world.

Wakefield delivers a tasty fun experience with this Clare Valley Chardonnay. This 2015 Wakefield Estate ‘Taylors Jaraman’ Chardonnay from the Clare and Margaret Valley of Australia is unencumbered with overtly oaked style, allowing it to deliver attractive clean honest Chardonnay flavor. Creamy on the nose, delivering flavors of pineapple and citrus with ripe stone fruit rounding out the palate, this is a versatile wine with food and a great stand-alone sipper in cocktail situations.

Rating: Excellent (90) | $25 | 13.0 % ABV