Danish Chefs Travel to Oregon for a Dinner Collaboration with Ponzi Vineyards

For the first time ever, Danish chefs will come to the Willamette Valley to share New Nordic cuisine alongside Oregon wines. Ponzi Vineyards hosts the Nordic Dinner: A Danish Culinary Experience, at their modern Chehalem Mountains tasting room with two seatings, Friday, May 19th and Saturday, May 20th at 7pm.

Over the next few months a team of 25 Danish chefs and hospitality students will collaborate with Ponzi Vineyards’ Culinary Director Thomas Ghinazzi and Director of Hospitality and Events Kati Focareto, to learn about each other’s cultures, customs and cuisines. The chefs will spend the week leading up to the dinner visiting Oregon’s farms and forests, discovering local bounty and the flavors they offer. Their intention is to bring a New Nordic flair to the dinner menu, using only seasonally available ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. The hospitality team will explore Oregon wine country hospitality and wine service, plus forage for native foliage for the dinner décor.

Teknisk Skole Silkeborg students

Teknisk Skole Silkeborg students

What is New Nordic cuisine? New Nordic cuisine is centered around using seasonal, local and thoughtfully-sourced ingredients. The approach was launched into the mainstream over a decade ago by a group of Danish chefs looking to redefine the country’s cuisine. Among the chefs were Reneé Redzepi and Claus Meyer who were instrumental in bringing New Nordic cuisine to prominence with their two-Michelin-star restaurant Noma, considered by many as the best in the world.

During a recent sales trip to Denmark, Ponzi Vineyards’ President Maria Ponzi had the opportunity to present her wines at the culinary institute, Teknisk Skole Silkeborg, and learn about Danish cuisine. So inspired by the notion of the New Nordic kitchen she began working with the winery’s importer, Salin Group, to bring a dining experience back to the U.S. that embraced the approach, while celebrating Oregon’s own ingredients.

“The goals of the New Nordic kitchen align perfectly with Ponzi Vineyards’ own philosophies. The opportunity for our team and the Danish team to create something we’ve never seen before in Oregon wine country, while learning from each other, is incredibly exciting,” explained Ponzi.

Tickets are on sale now and available at ponziwines.com. Seating is limited.


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