In 2014, Koenig experienced a rare botrytis, or “noble rot” occurrence in the Williamson vineyard Riesling block. After carefully sorting out the berries and clusters that were affected by botrytis, they made them into this very rare dessert wine. The dehydration caused by botrytis gives the wine an unmistakable aroma and intensity of flavor that is coveted in some of the greatest sweet wines around the world.

This 2014 is loaded with fresh apricots, honey, and white peach aromas and flavors. It’s creamy in texture and finishes with beautiful orange marmalade notes. It would pair wonderfully with cheeses and nuts, as well as flan, crème brûlée, or any sweet apricot, pear and peach desserts.

Excellent | $30 350 ml | 10.3% ABV