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New Culinary & Wine Book Chronicles the Bounty of the Pacific Northwest

**Upcoming book signing events below! Almost two years ago to the day the phone rang early (well early for me if it is not 10AM yet) and for some odd reason I woke up from a sound sleep and answered the phone.  An easy on the ears female voice identified herself as an editor from […]

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Celebrity Vineyards

From Napa to Tuscany in search of great wine…….. It seems that owning a vineyard or a wine label is becoming second to your very own perfume line in the land of celebrity.  This was a concept that so captured the intrigue of author, Nick Wise, that he decided to explore it further. This book […]

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Discover Portugal’s Grape Varieties

When it comes to learning about grape varieties, it is hard to find an educational tool that kicks butt. Sure, there are many great books to get the job done, but sometimes adding a web interface and some audio can take it from dreary to delightful. Take the Wines of Portugal site. They have a […]

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Wine and War

Every now and then, a book is good enough to share with friends. Wine & War: The French, the Nazis, and the Battle for France’s Greatest Treasure is one of those books. So, I offer this brief review. Near the end of World War II, Maurice Drouhin hid for six months in the cellars beneath […]

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Two New Wine Books Worth A Read

As far as wine books go, I’m usually not a fan of wine and food pairing books nor am I enthused by publications that focus on location specific regions but I came across a few you might want to check out. I mean, as far as food and wine pairing books go, most of them […]

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Book Review: Seasons Among the Vines: Life Lessons from the California Wine Country by Paula Moulton

Many who love wine dream of abandoning their 9-5 day job in hopes of buying a winery or growing their own grapes. Who can blame someone for wanting to experience a quintessential lifestyle mesmerized by picturesque landscapes of a well-groomed vineyard harmonized with an enduring peacefulness that encapsulates the land.

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